Why Support the ESSS?

The Awareness programs that the Ethiopian Space Science Society conducts , inspires the next generation of explorers (and our communities), Enable their parents and teachers, and collectively Propel us forward — both as a global space community, and as a human family. An important part of our goals is to help shape the work force of the future, certainly for the benefit of the space community, but more largely for the benefit of society.

The Ethiopian Space Science Society includes a membership program for those that support the space society. We will widen our spheres of community influence and provide members with useful information and important contacts to improve their productivity, profitability, and value. We will integrate young professionals into our events and programs. We will collaborate with other space-related organizations to advance global space interests. We will work with national and international entities in the development and implementation of space policies that serve the industry and the public.As a non-profit organisation, ESSS relies on the sponsorship and support of governmental, non-governmental, and industry organisations as well as private individuals. Therefore, ESSS is continuously looking for general sponsors as well as project partners, we believe to gather we can achieve.

“Join us, be part of the new change”



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