ESSS launched Monthly Stargazing Program

ESSS launches the first formal monthly stargazing program on December 30, 2017 at Jan- Meda. 

Activities included were:-

  • Moon gazing by telescopes provided by the ESSS office.
  • “Constellations” presentation by Nebyou Suleyman, who is also one of the M.A Astrophysics students enrolled at the Entoto research and outreach center.
  • Galileo scope assembly competition.
  • Stargazing art log by children under the ages of 13.
  • Networking event amongst enthusiasts and passionate individuals.

It was a successful public outreach program that officially redefined the idea of public awareness on official grounds. The program was one of the most memorable nights that the society members and general public have had to experience. Even though the monthly stargazing program was a success in terms of public awareness, it was also a great platform for ESSS member Volunteers to be engaged in a professional working environment.

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