Bahirdar Branch

Since 2004, the establishment of the Ethiopian Space Science Society has been striving to make societal attitude changes towards Astronomy, space science and technology fields , by engaging the society in different levels. In this effort, the society established 20 branch offices in different cities of Ethiopia, among them is Bahirdar. The Bahirdar branch is located inside the Bahirdar University with over hundred members from the university community and the general public. This page aims to provide useful information about space activities taking place in Bahirdar area,in the frame work of ESSS outreach and education program past, present and future.

About Bahirdar University

The College of Science is dedicated to fostering a research-intensive environment that promotes scientific inquiry and outreach. the programs prepare students for careers as scientific and research professionals and for careers as teachers of science and mathematics. Outstanding faculty members teach courses and conduct research in biological sciences, chemistry, industrial chemistry, geosciences, mathematics, physics and statistics. The college is currently running 5 MSc programs in different specializations in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Material Sciences and one PhD program in Space Physics.

Branch Leaders 

Name e-mail Position
1. Yousef Reta Chairman
2. Dr. Essay Kebede V/chairman
3. Mr. Zinaye Tefera Cashier
4. Mr. Ambelu Tebabal Finance Head
5. Dr. Tsegaye Kassa Member
6. Mr. Adem Sualh Secretary
7. Mr. Shegaw Damtie Head B/dar Branch


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