ESSS General Assembly  

The ESSS General Assembly is the biggest annual space event in the country that aims to bring together its members, partners, supporters, young students and other interested individuals to come together and discuss about space science technology and its development in Ethiopia. The General assembly consists of two simultaneous sessions, namely the youth and adult session.

The sessions are usually divided based on personal interest and age, the adult sessions are mostly attended by ESSS board members, branch leaders, institutional members, space science clubs leaders, individual members and invited guests to discuss on the society affairs (Annual board reports, Audit reports, over view of the society activities and etc.), technical paper presentations and scientific presentations. While the youth sessions are attended by students and the general public, and include various activities such as scientific presentations, Photo Exhibitions , Competitions and much more.

World Space Week Celebration 

The Ethiopian Space Science Society has been engaging the public successfully with one of the largest space events on earth for the past 9 years; the world space week. The UN-declared World Space Week is celebrated October 4-10 annually.

It is an international celebration of the contribution of space science and technology to the betterment of the human condition. World Space Week consists of a myriad of space-related events held by space agencies, aerospace companies, schools, planetariums, museums, and astronomy clubs in a common timeframe to achieve greater student and public impact through synchronization.

World Space week event is highly requested by the public here in Ethiopia, as it is one of the largest space related events that are open for engagement , presentations , competitions , discussions , exhibitions and so much more. The event not only helps in creating an educational platform for students and the public but also helps promote the importance of Space technology and advancement in Ethiopia.

ESSS Summer School programs

The Ethiopian Space Science society Summer School training program is a 3 – 7 day intensive training on Basic Astronomy and Space Science; the Training is Open to the General Public that are members of the Ethiopian Space Science Society. The Summer School Training will give the General Public a Perspective on the introduction of Basic Astronomy and Space Science as well as cover different training areas in which the General public will be actively engaged.

The Summer school program is expected to help raise awareness on the importance of space science and technology to Ethiopia as well as help equip the youth and general public on the necessary steps to help in the journey of making Ethiopia an extensive user of space technologies.

ESSS Monthly Stargazing

The monthly Public stargazing program that was launched by the Ethiopian Space Science society from December 2017, is a great way to build a platform where the public can get access to stargazing instruments as well as  build a platform where enthusiasts can network and share their experience.

The Monthly Public stargazing program will be done once every month at Jan Meda, a suitable place for the public to enjoy the stargazing and networking time. The program is expected to raise the awareness of the importance of space science and technology to our country and to inspire young people about science, technology, engineering, and math while having to engage them and the general public in stargazing activities. It is also expected to promote the Ethiopian Space Science Society and its vision. Moreover, the program aims to Foster national cooperation in space outreach and education and bring together different categories of the society in to the discussion.

Schools outreach programs

The Ethiopian Space Science Society grows larger on every step; and now with the emergence of new branches and School clubs, the Society has stretched out its hands to public awareness and outreach activities. One of the Outreach activities currently starting out includes the Monthly School Outreach Program.

The Program emphases on educating, engaging, as well as creating a platform for the youth in Public and private schools to understand and expand their knowledge and mentality towards Space technology and importance in Ethiopia.  It comprises of scientific lectures and experience sharing to students by professionals and volunteers, Stargazing events, School club presentations and discussions.

The School outreach program has been in practice for the past month and is planned to happen every month in different schools.

ESSS Participation at the ICT exhibition

ICT EXPO ETHIOPIA is Ethiopia’s largest and most extensive ICT Exhibition, Conference, and Summit. ICT Expo Ethiopia is where established technology service vendors, private and public sector decision makers, and users of ICT technology for business or public good— come together to create important networks and build valuable partnerships.

The exhibition, which hosts over three hundred local and international organizations and attracts over two hundred thousand participants is a great opportunity for the society to reach even larger

Outreach activities by Ato Tefera Walwa, ESSS Patron

Outreach activities are one of the main areas in which the Ethiopian Space Science Society focuses on; they help create a strong awareness momentum, advocate its goals of the organization, reach more regions of the society, help engage the public and create a more pleasant and hands-on introduction about the ESSS and its visions.

ESSS Patron Ato Tefera Walwa, since the inauguration of The Ethiopian Space Science Society in (2004), has made a vital contribution through a zealous and educational outreach activity throughout the regions and governmental organizations.

Moreover, these outreach activities did not only contribute in addressing the society’s visions to the public but, also played a role in the establishment of new branches and partnerships amongst institutions.

Establishing new branches ( in Addis Ababa and the region)

Since 2004, the establishment of the Ethiopian Space Science Society has been striving to make societal attitude changes towards Astronomy, space science and technology fields, by engaging the society in different levels. In this effort, the society has established 20 branch offices in different cities of Ethiopia.

While the society uses its existing branches to effectively create synchronized awareness activities, the emergence of interests from different areas on the vision and support has further pushed the society into establishing and accommodating new branches amongst the country, both regional and district wise.

The Establishment of new branches will greatly impact the frame work of ESSS outreach and education program on a positive manner.

Planetarium project

Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS) has a vision of building a strong scientific society in Ethiopia, so that there will be a highly developed scientific culture that enables Ethiopia to reap the benefits accruing from space science and technology. From the time of establishment, the society has been enlightening the public about space science and its benefits to our country.  ESSS is now working on building the first ever Planetarium in Ethiopia.

A planetarium sometimes referred as ‘Space Theatre’ is a building in which images of stars, planets, and constellations are projected on the inner surface of a dome. A planetarium can vary depending on size, technology it holds, and its mobility. 

Mobile Planetariums are widely used in Space centered institutions to engage the public and create a more visual educational platform. Mobile planetariums are easy to set up and can be used in an outreach activity. While Static planetariums are constructed on one area and can be used as space theaters for the general public.

Astro-Bus Ethiopia

Astro-Bus Ethiopia is a mobile astronomy outreach program that will be carried out by driving a motor vehicle –bus- to different locations in Ethiopia.  The Ethiopian Space Science Society along with the Astro-bus – Ethiopia Project Group members (numerous Ethiopian and foreign professionals) would be engaged in an outreach program on the areas of Astronomy, Space Science, Technology, Creativity, and Art, Traveling from one city to another.

The purpose of the Astro-bus Ethiopia Project is to Introduce and Promote a culture of technological and scientific mentality to the public. That is by developing the scientific thinking of our society, to enable the country’s social and economic development.

 Membership registration (both online and onsite)

Throughout the past years, The Ethiopian Space Science Society has been taking in a growing number of supporters and members from every age group, region and Institution. As there is no society without the people, The ESSS has been taking initiative into making the membership registration process easily accessible and technologically integrated.

Even though The Ethiopian Space Science Society has been accepting membership through a physical registration process, the inconvenience of newly supporters having to come to the office from far places has been a major problem that the office is currently working on using an online membership registration system.

Supporters can now become members, pay annual fees and update their ID though an online registration system by,

  • Registration through the website
  • Paying to the respective bank, as stated in the instructions sent to their email account and
  • Requesting for an online ID when done with money transaction.

Members can also update their membership ID through an online system without having to experience any inconvenience.




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